Facebook Messenger hits 1.2 Billion Users

Facebook Messenger hits 1.2 Billion Users

Facebook Messenger was launched as a standalone app back in 2011 and users were encouraged to download it to keep in touch with their loved ones. The functionality was then removed from the main Facebook app in April 2014.

Although some users (myself included) were reluctant to install a second app just for messages – when the same functionality was already available in their main social network app, the decision obviously paid off, it has now racked up a whopping 1.2 billion users.

We now have over 1.2 billion people actively using Messenger every month. And I keep on hearing powerful stories about how our product is becoming a more important part of your daily lives. So from all of us here at Messenger, a heartfelt thank you to all of you for giving us a chance to build something good and more meaningful for you. – David Marcus, Facebook.

It’s a huge milestone for the company, this amount of users puts it on par with its other cross-platform messaging app and still the proffered choice of many, WhatsApp and leaving another of its apps, Instagram to play catch-up with only 600 million users. Poor thing.

Messenger now lets users chat with end-to-end encryption, video calls, group conversations and Its Android app has integrated support for SMS.

Source: Ubergizmodo