Vodafone scraps roaming charges in Europe

Vodafone scraps roaming charges in Europe

Vodafone has scrapped EU roaming charges for UK customers.

As of right now if you join Vodafone you can benefit from ‘Vodafone Global Roaming’ which lets you use your UK data, minutes and texts in 40 Roam-free destinations.

The EU is expected to ditch roaming charges across its 28 member states in June of this year anyway, however, like Three have done with their ‘Three-at-home’ equivalent, Vodafone are hoping to get the jump start before the other networks, and more importantly before they’re forced to.

Vodafone Roaming Countries

What this means is, when you go abroad to any one of the included destinations any calls, texts or data usage comes out of your monthly quota, so you can upload photos of plane wings, cocktails and sunny beaches until your heart is content with no worry of a fat bill when you get home.

So what can you get, let’s take a look at a few SIM only deals all of which include the new Vodafone Global Roaming:

Essentials Plans start at £9.50 per month and will give you 250MB Data, 250 Minutes, Unlimited Texts whilst £17.50 will give you 5GB Data, 500 Minutes, Unlimited texts. After that you head on to the more advanced plans or what Vodafone likes to call ‘Red’ plans.

Starting at £18 per month for the Red Extra plan you’ll get 2GB Data and Unlimited minutes and texts – however, we wouldn’t recommend this, for an extra pound you can get the Red Entertainment plan with 16GB Data, Unlimited minutes and texts and your choice of entertainment for 12 months from the likes of Spotify, NowTV or Sky.

Red Entertainment plans can go right up to 40GB data per month which should be plenty for near enough everyone but they’ll run you £40 per month, remember, these are SIM only prices.

Head on over to Vodafone and take a look for yourself with the links below.

Source: Vodafone BlogSIM Only plans

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