Budget mobile phone network FreedomPop have launched their own smartphone along with a free monthly tariff. The FreedomPop V7 is a low-end android smartphone that will set you back just £59. In addition, you’ll also get a SIM card that’ll hook you up with 200 Minutes, 200 texts and 200MB data at no monthly cost. […]

Here’s our first look at Google’s new Pixel phone commercial that is apparently already being shown in Canada. It’s really just a video version of what we have seen on the website madeby.google.com With only hours to go now until the event starts it does show us that google intends to push these devices a […]

Google is holding a conference today and it’s shaping up to be one of its biggest events they have held in years. According to a tweet posted by Hiroshi Lockheimer who is the SVP of Android, ChromeOS and Play at Google said “We announced the 1st version of Android 8 years ago today. I have […]

Israeli company Cellebrite is allegedly able to crack pretty much any modern smartphone, using what looks like a custom built tablet that simply connects to the smartphones charging socket. The device seems to be able to bypass any security features you have in place such as a PIN code or fingerprint lock and then extract […]