Onedox puts utility bills in one place

Onedox Bills

If like many people (myself included) you find yourself constantly frustrated with the seemingly endless task of dealing with utility providers and bills then help may finally be on the way.

Onedox is a company hoping to put an end to wasting time and money dealing with the nightmare of when your energy tariff is ending, if your £80/month TV and internet package that you don’t really use is good value or even figuring out when your car MOT & TAX is due for renewal.

Whilst technology has made some aspects of household admin simpler, in other ways it has made life more complicated: rather than having all of your correspondence arriving in a single inbox (the good old fashioned letter box!) instead you have to login to multiple websites or apps instead!

The idea is simple, you log in and you’re presented with a dashboard which shows you the current status of your ‘connected’ utility bills. If for example your mobile phone tariff is due for renewal Onedox will show you and also recommend alternative tariffs which may suit you.

Onedox iPhone iPad Dashboard


Onedox also pulls in all of the information for each utility supplier you have, such as contact information as well as any documents such as bills and collates it into one place for easy access.

Here are just some of the service providers Onedox currently supports:

Internet & Landline Providers

BT, Virgin Media, PlusNet, SSE, Talk Talk, EE Broadband.

Gas & Electricity Suppliers

British Gas, Npower, EDF, E.ON, SSE, Scottish Power, First Utility, Ovo and many more!

Mobile Phone Providers

O2, EE, 3, Orange, Giff Gaff, Virgin Mobile, T-Mobile, iD, Tesco Mobile


Virgin Media, BT and Netflix.

Onedox was founded by David Sheridan, and Hugh Nimmo-Smith it went public back in late 2015 and has already been awarded the Fintech Innovation of the Year award 2017.

For a quick guide on how to get setup see the video below.

If you want to give Onedox a try head over to the link below.